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Who We Are

Terima Kasihku is a website that will be talking about anything and everything about gambling. Gambling is a hobby that has been around since the earliest threads of human history. As such, there have been quite a number of gambling enthusiasts. Everyone that is behind this website is an advocate for proper and responsible gambling.

Our Writers

Our writing team is composed of smart risk loving individuals who have made it their mission to share and discuss their own undertakings with the hobby. Our writers will be sharing their own experiences and findings regarding the many different games that can be played under the umbrella of gambling.

What We Aim To Do

There have been a plethora of different approaches toward it. Some may have proven to be more effective than others—but that remains on a personal standpoint. We aim to sift through the different approaches that have been launched throughout the decades.

We want to discuss them from a neutral standpoint so that our readers may be able to choose which one suits them play style best.

If there is anything that you would like Trima Ksihku to discuss, give us a call at 443-691-9830.