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If you have ever dreamed of becoming a professional writer, having a portfolio with published work is important. While a lot of publications will require professional experience in order to even be considered, online publications (like Termia Kasihku) do not need such requirements.

That’s right. Our website is presently accepting applications for writers to be part of our writing family! If you are wondering what sort of people we would love to have on board, read on!

Are you open to doing a lot of research?

While there is significant value in first hand experiences, we want to ensure that all the information that is published on our site is 100{e9a52967066248cc39f123b8a4409d3b75448eaa4a9493e3a3605b61e4c897db} accurate. This means that we would love people who take to extensive research like a duck to water.

Do you have a preexisting interest in gambling?

Having an organic and preexisting interest in gambling is important to us. This ensures that our writers will never have any trouble finding an angle to pursue. The happiness of our writers is important to us and as such, writing about something that you already like is a recipe for success.

Are you able to meet strict deadlines and ethical handling of assignments?

We highly value writers that are very economical with their time. We need writers who are able to turn in their assignments within the timeframe given. We also need writers who are able to turn in wholly unique and completely original content.

If you believe that you would be a good fit with us, do get in touch!